Losing Angela in translation Europhrenia blog at (February 2010)

Debate on France 24 Part Two May 2009

Debate on France 24 Part One May 2009

BHL and Houellebecq believe the hype Guardian Unlimited (October 2008)

Madame Bovary, c’est moi – An interview with Andreï Makine 3am Magazine (August 2008)

Seeing between the lines Guardian Unlimited (August 2008)

When characters die, do we really feel grief? Guardian Unlimited (July 2008)

Brits Abroad Guardian Unlimited (March 2008)

Penelope’s Progress Guardian Unlimited (March 2008)

Petite Anglaise The Independent (March 2008)

Nancy Huston The Independent (February 2008)

A French Life The Independent (September 2007)

Regis Debray The Independent (April 2007)

Belly of the Atlantic The Independent (October 2006)

Yasmina Khadra The Independent (July 2006)

Anna Gavalda The Independent (June 2006)

Tahar Ben Jelloun The Independent (March 2006)

Juan Goytisolo The Independent (October 2003)

Jean Paul Kaufmann The Independent (February 2003)

Atiq Rahimi The Independent (December 2002)

Alain Robbe Grillet The Independent (March 2002)

Michel Houellebecq New Statesman (August 2002)

Alain Robbe-Grillet New Statesman (January 2002)

Catherine Millet New Statesman (November 2001)

Michel Houellebecq New Statesman (June 2001)


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