If Ireland is sovereign, this duck will ride bicycles again Europhrenia May 2010

That market news explained Europhrenia May 2010

Human sacrifice on an Excel sheet Europhrenia May 2010

Bon anniversaire, Mr President of France Europhrenia May 2010

Whoever wins, the rain will raineth every day Europhrenia May 2010

Greece, this is your doctor Europhrenia May 2010

Life’s a Fitch Europhrenia May 2010

Whatever people say Greeks are, that’s what they’re not Europhrenia April 2010

Ballymagash goes Belgium Forth – Ireland April 2010

We are all Belgians now Europhrenia April 2010

Biofuel, it’s not so cool Europhrenia April 2010

Burqa ban, and why not plastic surgery too? Europhrenia (April 2010)

Atom bombs, easy peasy Europhrenia (April 2010)

The World This Week, April 12 – 16 France 24 TV (April 2010)

No fly ban, the sleep of reason Europhrenia, presseurop.eu (April 2010)

Ghost MEPs in the Brussels machine Europhrenia, presseurop.eu (April 2010)

Lech Kaczynski, counter-homage Europhrenia, presseurop.eu (April 2010)

The World This Week, March 15-19 France 24 TV (March 2010)

French is just too provincial Europhrenia, presseurop.eu (February 2010)

Losing Angela in translation Europhrenia, presseurop.eu (February 2010)

The World last week Europhrenia, presseurop.eu (February 2010)

Burqa barbarous, but a ban is wrong Europhrenia, presseurop.eu (February 2010)

Is this the end of the IPCC? Europhrenia, presseurop.eu (February 2010)

The Hand of Frog France 24 TV (November 2009)

The decline of social-democracy France 24 TV (October 2009)

Is the EU on the right path? France 24 TV (October 2009)

The Lisbon treaty results France 24 TV (October 2009)

The other side of Lisbon. Presseurop (October 2009)

Was St. Patrick for or against the EU? Presseurop (September 2009)

Vote 1916 for a better Europe Presseurop (September 2009)

BHL buries the socialists Presseurop (July 2009)

Iran, ’68 and all that Presseurop (June 2009)

Berlusconi laughs all the way to the polls Presseurop (June 2009)

Walesa jumps gravy trains Presseurop (May 2009)

No peek-a-book with President Sarko Presseurop (May 2009)

Did Sarkozy convince the Irish? France 24 (July 2008)

The Irish are not fun loving goblins Spiked Online (June 2008)

Waiting for Sarko Spiked Online (March 2008)

The Global Crusade against the Evil Weed Spiked Online (June 2007)

Paris strikes – More 1984 than 1968 Spiked Online (March 2006)


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