I am a writer and journalist.

Fever , my first novel, was published by Parthian in November 2007.

A Spanish edition was published by El Tercer Nombre in September 2009.

My translation of Pavel Hak’s Sniper was published in 2005 by Serpent’s Tail.

My articles on literature have been published in the Guardian, the Independent, New Statesman and 3am Magazine.

My articles on politics have appeared in Spiked and Irish Examiner.

I live in Paris and am currently English site editor at presseurop.eu, Europe’s first multilingual news website, where I have a blog on European politics. I ply the Irish desk at Courrier International too.

I am an arts critic on France Culture’s daily show La Grande Table.

You can see much of what I do here.


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  • Hi, I noticed that Courrier International have a lot of Asian themed features. Well, maybe you would like to write about me. I am John Jenninga and I am in Galway Ireland and I have a lot of Manga Art and Events.

    More detail :

    I make Manga and Manga style illustrations.
    I have always been interested in Manga and Anime.
    Initially I started making anime on my
    YouTube but then after making a lot of them
    I realised I was producing a lot of images for animation.
    So I decided to turn my hand to Manga and
    I won some competitions and now I lecture in Manga
    in the Galway / Mayo institute of Technology (GMIT)

    I also hold little workshops in the local Museum and sometimes
    people approach me asking for copies of my flyers
    for my classes, because they are so “cute”.

    Here is the link to my website :

    Here is a link to my course page on the GMIT site :

    Links to all my work are on my website under the links page.


    John Jennings

  • Ralitza says:

    It’s a second time I come to read an article here since you changed the theme of the blog and a second time the static navigation on both ends bugs me. On a laptop, the bottom part of the main navigation is unreachable, and when scrolling, the footer passes both. I took the liberty of fixing that and if you can and wish to change the stylesheet to the WP theme, I’ve placed the code here: http://pastebin.com/E22Ykv9N

    Beforehand make a copy of the current file, just in case. If you don’t know how, ask me.


  • Hello again, Gerry,
    The editor of Tintean is looking for your postal address so she can send you a copy of the latest issue, which includes your piece on Dublin “City of Literature”.

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